Memory Senior Care in Elmo Utah

Elmo Senior Living & Memory Care

About Us

It takes a team to keep our residents strong and healthy, but we strive to do jsut hat. We are a faith based company that provides EXEMPLARY, personalized, patient-centered care rurally. 

We specialize in Assisted Living and Memory Care for those living with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or other cognitive impairments. We will take care of your loved ones by offering them a surpreme quality of life while here at Goodlife Senior Living.


15 W. 100 N.
Elmo, Utah 84522

Office: (435) 653-2555


Manager: Andy Urbanik


Cell: (435) 630-3483

What others are saying..

It always smells so nice. The girls take such good care of the residents. And they genuinely care about every resident as individuals.

-Krystal F