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We are a faith based company that pride ourselves on providing compassionate care in every aspect of what we do daily. Our homes are ran intentionally with a lower caregiver to resident ratio because our primary focus is about the people we serve not profit. For many of our residents, our homes will be their last place they call home. So to create the GoodLife they deserve, we fill it with new memories and experiences so they feel safe, loved, and at peace.

A Message From Our CEO

I’m often asked, what makes a GoodLife Facility a GoodLife Facility? The answer is what you experience and feel when you walk through the door at one of our homes– the friendly team members, happy residents and delicious culinary experiences. When people step inside our doors and instantly feel welcome, when they recognize our efforts to put quality first, it’s not an accident. We do everything we can to make sure that happens, to ensure our residents and families, employees and other visitors see and experience the excellent living environment we strive to create. As more people grow older than ever before, the need for quality senior living continues to grow, too. We plan to be here for years to come to meet that need, creating an environment where our seniors can thrive and have the opportunities and support they need to continue to live fulfilling lives.

We are here to make you feel at home. Please let us know how we may serve you.


Dallen Skelley

Why Choose Goodlife?

GoodLife Senior Living is a leading provider of quality care and services to seniors. Here is what makes us different:


A licensed RN is on staff and oversees all medication assistance. All residents have an attending physician to direct their care, who works hand in hand with out facility nurses to provide excellent personalized care in real-time.

Low Caregiver to Resident Ratios

We care about the quality of care each resident receives. Intentionally, our homes are designed to create a family feel. Our standard home has a maximum of 16 Beds.


We are strategic about our pricing and making the costs to live in our homes affordable. When many of our residents or families do the math to compare us, the outcome surprises them every time.

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Our Story

As GoodLife’s founding partners, we have both experienced and been deeply affected by the stress, frustration, anger and grief of caring for aging parents who suffered the physical, intellectual and emotional ravages of old age, dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. We learned the hard way, how distressing and difficult this process can be, and how long-lasting the emotional fall-out. Over time, a small idea and a continuing inspiration to help others facing this situation blossomed into an all-consuming concept…