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Home Health Care is such an asset for our residents. It takes a team to keep our residents strong and healthy. We specialize in Assisted Living and Memory Care for those living with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or other cognitive impairments. We will take care of your loved ones by offering them a surpreme quality of life while here at Goodlife Senior Living.


928 Westwood Drive
Amarillo, TX 79124-1160

Office: 806-418-4320
Fax: 806-418-4323    


Manager: Kendra Groves


Cell: 806-676-2998

What others are saying..

My family and I could not be more satisfied with the care and love that our Mom received from the staff at Goodlife. Mom could be extremely difficult and the staff were firm yet loving in getting her to do things she needed to do.

We are in the process of losing Mom and each staff member has come by her room to check on her, most have stayed late or come in on their day off to be here when she passes. Mackenzie the Administrator is an amazing lady, she stays with Mom, holds her hand, stays until all hours of the morning, comes in on her days off or in the middle of the night to be with us as well to comfort Mom.

If we could give this place a 100 stars we would. Goodlife is not the norm when giving good care, they definitely rise too the top.

-Kimber Daniel