All around us we have heard of the effects and spread of the coronavirus. It has been reported that Snyder has 201 positive cases alone, with the first case back in April 2020. We have all made efforts to keep this virus from spreading. Everyday we wear masks, for work, in the grocery store, trying our best to maintain social distancing. As a community we have all done our part to stay safe and keep our loved ones safe. Sadly even with these efforts we are not immune to this wide spread pandemic. We would like to thank the Snyder community and the families for all of the love and support that has been pouring in over this week. We want you to know that our residents and staff are our family too. We love them, we want to aid in their health and well being. We want you to know that our GoodLife family is coming together to aid our GoodLife home in Snyder. We have had extra supplies, and PPE dropped off by our other homes. We are working side by side with the local health and state authorities. We are not alone, we will fight this together and we will win this and heal together. #weareone

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