Stephanie Molina, CMA

I’d like to introduce myself. I am Stephanie Molina. I’ve been in the health care industry as a professional my entire life. When I left the hospital and the doctors’ offices settings, I came to GoodLife. I have been certified nursing assistant, CNA, since 1996. I’ve also been a certified medical assistant, CMA for over ten years.

I was an assistant manager for the GoodLife home in Artesia, NM. In this role I handled resident care, resident family issues as well as staffing issues. As the assistant manager I was able to encourage my staff and hold them accountable for their job duties. That is important to me because if we take good care of our residents, then we have the reputation that we are the place to be. I felt like if my staff knew what was required and I supported them in that role then my residents would have the best care possible. That was my goal and that is what drove my daily decisions as the assistant manager.

When I was offered the manager position at my GoodLife Artesia home, I felt like my direction and focus would not change. I was still going to hold my staff accountable and train them how to give care the GoodLife way. I knew that if I continued to teach and coach and support my staff that we would be the best place for our elderly in Artesia to live and even the best GoodLife home in the entire company. My focus stayed the same. We were going to give the best care possible. I was successful. The reputation of GoodLife in Artesia is very good. The doctors here know us and know our high standards. They refer people to us and lean on me to help them. There have been many times when a doctor has called my cell phone and said, “Stephanie, I have a problem. I have a patient and they need…..” Our doctors rely on me because I solve their problems.

I am now the Operations Officer for the five GoodLife homes in my area; Carlsbad, Artesia, Lovington, and Hobbs. I feel like my job is the same. I am still helping families and comforting them in crisis. I am still focused on resident care. I feel so lucky to have this position because now I can spread and teach and support the GoodLife managers in my area. I love this GoodLife way and now I have the chance to help it grow as I support and coach my managers in each of these five homes. If we can take the best care of our residents possible, we are making our home towns a better place to live as well as making the lives of those we are lucky enough to love and care for the best they can be. I am blessed to be a part of this great cause that is GoodLife.

Stephanie Molina, CMA
Operations Officer