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Dallen Skelley


Dallen has been an intricate part of the company since the beginning being involved with the planning and construction of the first five homes built, including their opening and operations. Dallen brings to the company a wealth of knowledge and a new aspect of what it takes to manage the Assisted Living Homes so that they can be fully occupied and profitable while still focusing on the care that makes the company unique and different while maintaining the “caring for each resident as an individual” mentality.

Cliff Boyd

Board Member/Advisor

Cliff is a thought leader who is recognized for his leadership and innovative abilities in business / political environments. He works with economic development leadership teams and business owners /senior level business management to source, develop and integrate strategies for economic development. He overcomes complex business challenges and makes high-stakes decisions using experience backed judgment, strong work ethic and irreproachable integrity.

Gina Sproule


My name is Gina Marie Sproule. I am a retired elementary school teacher. In that profession I was teacher of the year in both Arizona and New Mexico. It was a career that was as rewarding as it was challenging. I loved the puzzle of it all, solving the problems and difficulties of my students and teaching them to solve and overcome their weaknesses turning them into strengths.

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Lawrence Skelley

Board Chair

A career entrepreneur and licensed contractor with over 42 years of experience in developing and building subdivisions, residential and commercial buildings. He has constructed and operated fuel alcohol plants, dairy facilities, and senior care facilities. He started GoodLife Senior Living and Memory Care facilities over 10 years ago and has been involved in building, managing, and operating each of these facilities.

Donene Skelley


Donene has been involved in the operational management of GoodLife for over 10 years. Her experience has included payroll, taxes, insurance, payables and receivables, interactions with subcontractors, salesmen, and interaction with state and federal regulatory and tax personnel. She has been involved in the day to day management of assisted living facilities including hands on interaction and care of the residents.

Curtis Wallace

Attorney/General Counsel

Over the 19-year period between his graduation from law-school and the founding The Law Office of Curtis W. Wallace, P.C., in 2013, Curtis acquired experience as a lawyer, executive, Company, author and speaker. Currently, the Law Office of Curtis W. Wallace, P.C. represents entrepreneurs, well-known authors, filmmakers,
non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs seeking to positively impact and change the world with their ideas and talents.

Stephanie Molina, CMA

Operations Manager

I’d like to introduce myself. I am Stephanie Molina. I’ve been in the health care industry as a professional my entire life. When I left the hospital and the doctors’ offices settings, I came to GoodLife. I have been certified nursing assistant, CNA, since 1996. I’ve also been a certified medical assistant, CMA for over ten years.

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