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Larry & Donene Skelley

The Founders

Meet the Skelleys'

When Larry and Donene were trying to find a place for her grandmother in rural New Mexico they were faced with the same questions that many of us have with aging loved ones. Where do we go? Larry had a dream to build the perfect home to serve these families in need, Donene was a little more hesitate, how could we ever build something like this? Larry said, "Hide and Watch" and the rest is history...

With a background in general contracting Larry was inspired to build not just a "facility" but a home where loved ones would feel comfortable, well cared for and loved. Donene, a past caregiver herself, helped create and furnish the perfect home to serve 16 residents or less. Making sure that these small ratios meant more one on one care for our residents, as well as creating a family atmosphere in a home setting. Since opening our first home in 2005, we have been blessed by our dream growing up to 20 homes spread throughout New Mexico and Texas, serving over 2,000 amazing families.

Dallen Skelley


Dallen has been an intricate part of the company since the beginning. He was involved with the planning and construction of the first five homes built, including their opening and operations. Dallen brings a wealth of knowledge and a new aspect of what it takes to manage the Assisted Living and Memory Care Homes so that they can be fully occupied and profitable while still focusing on the care that makes GoodLife unique and different while maintaining the “caring for each resident as an individual” mentality.

Terri McGrew

Regional Operations Officer, TX

Terri began working at GoodLife as a caregiver on the floor, quickly moved on to assistant manager, then to administrator and now a regional manager. Her drive and passion comes from working with families of the elderly along with her devotion to our residents that deserve to be cared for in a loving and caring way. Her own parents are aging and she keeps them in mind when helping make decisions on what is best for your loved one. Terri wants for your loved one as she would want for her own. A resident once told her this is the longest and hardest walk they will ever make and it'ss the final one. He also told her that it was people like her that made it easier and makes a difference. Those words have rang true for Terri. She has devoted her time, love and compassion to the families that seek out help for their loved ones and more importantly the resident themselves. She believes and is passionate that elderly deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and love. Terri feels blessed to work for a family like GoodLife where she can care and love on the elderly every day and show families that they made the right choice in GoodLife. What a blessing to make a difference in a life.

Stephanie Molina, CMA

Regional Operations Officer, NM

I’d like to introduce myself. I am Stephanie Molina. I’ve been in the health care industry as a professional my entire life. When I left the hospital and the doctors’ office settings, I came to GoodLife. I have been certified nursing assistant (CNA) since 1996. I’ve also been a certified medical assistant (CMA) for over ten years.

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