What We are Doing to Protect our Residents from Covid-19 and How You Can Help…

GoodLife Senior Living is passionate when it comes to keeping our residents safe from the ongoing pandemic of the Coronavirus. We have implemented our policy on infectious disease and control and taking every precaution to protect the health of our loved ones. GoodLife Senior Living is making sure that we are following both state and government mandates to ensure our residents and staff stay protected. At this time we are only allowing medical necessary personnel only. The following visitors are NOT allowed:

Family Members, Friends, Volunteers, Clergy, Vendors, Marketers, Home Health Aides, & Hospice Aides

Those that come into our homes, including our staff will follow a strict regimen before entering the home. Their temperatures will be taken, a health questionnaire will be completed and hands must sanitized upon entering the home.

Please help us by keeping in touch regularly with phone calls, and video chats with your loved ones. Isolation can be tough, especially when they are used to daily interaction, however the best thing you can do right now is to stay away to ensure the health of our residents. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this stressful time. For more information please see the links below. For the most up to date information please follow your local GoodLife FaceBook page.

Thank you and God Bless!



Did You Know?

Referral Bonus: When you are a resident of GoodLife and refer your friends and family to us you will receive $1,000 off one month’s rent!  So spread the word to friends, church parishioners, neighbors, and family.  Let them know how it feels to live at the GoodLife! Family Night once a Month: – Family is SO important and here at GoodLife we want to create opportunities to enjoy those special times together.  Please check your local GoodLife Activity Calendar to find out when Family Night is in your community.